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World Robot Olympiad  2010

I. Home

II. WRO 2010
a. Welcome Message - contains message from FELTA, DOST-SEI, President of the Philippines, Mayor, etc.
b. About WRO
c. WRO Steering Committee
d. Participating Countries
e. Sponsors

III. Competition
a. Rules - contains rules of regular and open category for primary, junior high school, high school as well as the approved general rules
b. Awards
c. Schedule of Activities - schedule for November 5 - 7, 2010
d. Venue/Accommodation
e. Transportation
f. Tours

IV. Symposium
a. About Symposium
b. Program

V. Download
Section where you can download information such as complete 2010 rules and regulations, videos, etc.

VI. Registration/Payment
Section where you will find the registration and payment procedure

Section where you can find questions of general interest

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