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GENERAL RULES 2010: Open Category

THEME: “Robot Promote Tourism”

                 “Dynamic Robots Promote a National or Cultural Heritage of your Country”
  1. Rules:
  • A team may only participate in Regular or Open Category. Not both!
  • The competition will take place within three age groups: Elementary, Junior High, High school category.
  • There is no restriction on the balance between LEGO elements and other materials.
  • However, all robots must be operated by RCX or NXT controller and any software.
  • Robots may be preassembled and software program may be pre-made!
  • The size of booth will be 2000mm x2000mm x 2000mm.
  • The size of table will be 1200mm x 600mm.
  • Open Category teams must go though this process:
    • Final assembly and test of robot
    • Decorate the booth with posters.
    • Demonstration to the judges and Q & A from judges.
  • Teams must submit a report summarizing what the robot can do, and in which way the robot is unique.
  • The report must be handed out to the judges in paper form.
  • Visual description materials must be submitted by pictures/photos/video from different angle of the robot creation and example of the program.
  • Teams must submit a video according to instruction upon registration. (maximum of 2 minutes)
  • Teams must decorate the booth with one or more posters with the dimension of minimum 120 cm x 90 cm. The poster(s) should introduce the robot project to the visitors.


  1. The judging will be executed in three age groups: Elementary school, Junior High school, High school.

  2. Teams will have around 10 minutes for judgment: 5 minutes to explain and demonstrate the robot,
    remaining 2-5 minutes for Q & A from the judges.

Judging Criteria per Category

1. Video Judge Total points: 30

  • Design is based upon the theme given
  • Creative design and structure of robot
  • Presentation Quality

2. Most Creative Design Total points: 40

  • Creative appearance
  • Unique, complex, interactive behaviour

3. Best Technical Design Total points: 20

  • Good Engineering
  • Stable Structure

4. Best Presentation Total points: 40

  • Successful and stable demonstration
  • High team spirit and energy
  • Clear concept in presentation, poster and report

 5. Minus Points Total points: 30

  • NO RCX or NXT
  • No Poster
  • No Report
  • Exceeds the maximum display area provided

If clearly not within the theme, we give 0 points as a final score!

Judging rules for Regular and Open category

  1. The judges have final authority during the tournament.
  2. Disagreements, complaints or appeals (all in English) must be directed to the judges before signing the score sheet (Reg. cat.) or before the judges leave the booth (Open cat.)
  3. In case the team cannot accept the decision of the judges, the head judge will make the final decision. The deputy head judge should be present during the deliberation in case the head judge has same nationality as the appealing team. The final decision cannot be appealed or changed!
  4. If a team is considered disqualified by the judges and head judge, such team should quit the tournament immediately, and receives no score.
  5. The Regular score sheet cannot be changed after it has been signed by the team, except if there is any obvious error in the signed score sheet and the team should be notified before the final announcement.
  6. Teams may give gifts like souvenirs and mementos to anyone. Gifts will not influence the judging.
  7. Any complaints or appeals arriving after the score sheet have been signed in Regular category or the judges have left the Open category booth, will not affect the actual scoring. However such complaints and appeals may be directed to the WRO Steering Committee (possibly via the person doing the coach briefing). The WRO Steering Committee will investigate the matter and take necessary actions regarding future WRO competitions
  8. If changes to the score sheets are necessary, the teams will be informed immediately.

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