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Q: Сan be a robot more than 250 mm (for example for ball capture), and then again to return at size of 250 mm. (I.e. on start and finish it will be 250 mm)?

A:Yes. The robot can exceed the 250 mm X 250 mm dimension during the capture of the ball motion then return to the 250 mm X 250 mm dimension limit.
Q: Robot is required to trace the tracked line from the starting point, 
> The robot must follow the track from the starting point,
The robot can not be on a line completely? For example to move down from it all wheels? Since the line is not everywhere in the field.

A: The miss track rule is not enforced in the Junior High School category.  The tracks are there as guide only.  
"2. The robot must follow the track from the starting point, trigger the switch to open the door (flags). Thetrigger sequence should be done for 15 seconds for the door to open. The sequence of the switches will beannounced during the competition."

Q: What is College Exhibition? Is it like a competition? Is there any specific topic for exhibition? Kindly explain the complete rules for the college exhibition.

A:  The college exhibition will only be participated in by Colleges/Universities in the Philippines only showcasing their inventions/programs related to ROBOTICS. Exhibition models will come from LEGO, soldered iron, etc. It is already a designed models to be demonstrated during WRO 2010

Q: For PALO SEBO, the main question is: does the body of robot must leave the floor when it is climbing the post/column? That means can I leave the NXT on the floor while the arm reaches the ball?

A: The body of the robot must leave the floor." That means all parts of the robot do not touch the floor when the robot is climbing.

Q: Who can participate in the WRO Soccer?

A: Since WRO Soccer is a pilot in 2010, WRO Steering Committee have decided that soccer teams are IN ADDITION to the team number found in the table of eligibility. Each country may register max 3 teams. The cost of these teams is same as for any other team. In this first year, we have no age groups for soccer!

Q: Regarding registration for the WRO 2010, do the teams have to register themselves.

A: Only the national organizer will collate the necessary information needed in the registration form and submit it to the host country Philippines at felta@pldtdsl.net

Q: When is the deadline to submit the information on the TOTAL NUMBER OF TEAMS in the NATIONAL LEVEL

A: 8 weeks before the competition - between Sept. 6-10, 2010

Q: When is the deadline for registration of team names, individual team members names and coach name?guest/vips?

A: 4 weeks before the competition - between Oct. 4-8, 2010

Q: For TUMBANG PRESO, what is the mechanic to open the gate switch barrier?

A: There are 3 switches in the tumbang preso playing field placed in the center wall as seen in the picture provided previously with all the national organizers.

Pressing the first, second and third switch sequentially, the gate switch barrier will open moving upward and will stay up for 30 seconds, so the robot must pass thru the gate.

Pressing the wrong switch, it will light on but will light off instantly thus the gate will not move upward.

Q: What is the robot's competition time at the table, for primary, junior high school and high school category?

A: For Tour of the RP (primary), Tumbang Preso (junior high school)  and Palo Sebo (high school), the time for robot’s mission performance is 2 minutes. Time is measured at the point that robot starts andjudge blows a whistle for signal of starting.

Q:  Robot should enter the finish area entirely or can just cross thefinish line? (Elementary Category)

A: Just cross the finish line (or more precisely since we will be using a laser beam sensor, cross the laser beam line (which should be located in the finish line)

Q:  What is the time of competition? (Elementary Category)

A:  You have 2.5 hrs for testing and programming and 2 mins to perform the mission.

Q:  Will the sequence of the pressing of switches be changed?  (Junior High Category)

A:  Yes.


All teams participating in the final in manila will get ONE (1) V2 IR SEEKER SENSOR. Please order directly, free of charge, at HiTechnic (see contact info in announcement)

Each delegation can order ONE ball.

For the competition in Manila please let HiTechnic know how many balls you as organizer can get. Stephen Barker has indicated that you could get 10-15 balls free of charge. This will allow for ALL teams to practice in Manila before entering the competition.

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