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Robot is required to trace the tracked line from the starting point and complete the circuit in the shortest time possible.

  1. Court:
There will be some surprise rules.

< the error tolerance of court: ± 50mm>

1. The court is made of several materials such as wood, plastic, etc and may be color-painted according to each competition’s specific needs.
2. The court is 2370mm long, 1150mm wide.

  1. Rules:
  • The track dimension is 1150mm x 2370mm.  The tracked line width is 20 mm ± 2 mm.
  • The circuit consists of at least one each of the following five features (missions):
    • Ramp
    • Obstacles
    • Hurdles
    • Curves
    • Ping-pong ball to be moved and/or carried back to finish area
  • The number and exact sequence and positions of the missions a, b, & c will be announced at competition day and will be used for the whole tournament. The curves and the ping-pong ball have fixed positions. The ping-pong ball will be placed on top of a lego stud. The Ramp, Obstacles and Hurdles will be fixed to the playing field (for example, using a double-sided tape).
  • The starting point will be selected randomly and announced at competition day and will be used for the whole tournament.
  • The trial playing field (and trial starting point) will be provided at the trial period. It may not be the same as the tournament playing field.
  • The robot must trace the track line from the starting point, complete the circuit, and come back to the finish area.
  • The robot must be immediately stopped by its operator when the referee declares that it has miss-tracked, or when the robot has successfully crossed the finish line. Miss-tracked means all parts of the robot or the robot's vertical projection is on one side of the track. The robot should conform to the robot dimensions of 250 mm long and 250 mm wide from the starting area to the finish area. The robot can exceed the 250 mm X 250 mm dimension during the capture of the ball motion then return to the 250 mm X 250 mm dimension limit.
  • The time for robot’s mission performance is 2 minutes. Time is measured at the point that robot starts and judge blows a whistle for signal of starting
  1. Mission Points:
  • Passing the ramp = 15 points
  • Passing the obstacles = 15 points
  • Completing the curves = 15 points
  • Passing the hurdles = 15 points
  • Ping-pong ball moved and/or carried back to the finish area= 40 points
  1. Total Score:
  • 15 points (Ramp) + 15 points (Obstacles) + 15 points (Curves) + 15 points (Hurdles) + 40 points ( Ping-pong ball carried back to finish area)

  • Maximum score: 100 points

  • If the competing teams acquire the same points, the ranking is decided by the record of time.


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