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V. Complete Rules and Regulations of the 17th PRO

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I. Competition Categories
The World Robot Olympiad has four competition categories:
1. Regular Category
2. Open Category
3. WRO GEN II Football
4. Advanced Robotics Challenge
A team may only participate in one category

II. Age Group Definition
1. Elementary (Primary) School Age: Participants up to 12 years old in the year of competition.
2. Junior High (Middle) School Age: Participants 13 - 15 years old in the year of competition
3. High (Secondary) School Age: Participants 16 - 19 years old in the year of competition
4. WRO GEN II Football: Participants 10 - 19 years old in the year of competition
5. University Category: Participants 17 - 25 years old in the year of the competition

•It is strictly enforced that students cannot be older than specified in the Age Group Definition and will not be allowed to participate in the International Final.

•Students younger than the age group definition have to obtain permission from the Host Country for participation in the international final and may only be approved if at least one other team member has the correct age

•If all members of a team are younger than required, then the team must participate in the corresponding competition

•Participants are not confined to school-going students. Anyone can participate in the corresponding age groups except for participants in the College Regular Category who MUST be either High School or undergraduate students

College and university students may participate if the individual students fit into the HS age group bracket!

III. Team Definition

The WRO is a team-based challenge. To participate in each category of competition, students must work in teams.

A team consists of one (1) coach and two (2) or three (3) team members.

One (1) coach and one (1) team member is not considered to be a team and cannot participate.

IV. Coaches

The minimum age of a coach in an international WRO tournament (and assistant coaches) is age 20 at the time of registration for the WRO final.

Coaches may work with more than one team; however each team needs to be assisted by a responsible adult. This person may be an assistant coach.

Coaches may offer students advice and guidance prior to the competition, however during the actual Olympiad competition, all work and preparation must be performed by the student members of the team.


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