Since the launch of the MINDSTORMS EV3 early this year, a lot of robotics enthusiasts as well as STEM educators are very excited and eager to get their hands on this new robotics technology from LEGO.

EV3 stands for “Evolution 3”, the third generation of the MINDSTORMS product from LEGO. Since the first launch and introduction of the LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX way back several years ago, new approaches in learning has been maximized.

With the advent of the NXT technology which is the second generation, more and more features from the LEGO robotics product was made accessible. Indeed, technology is bridging the needs of the young learners into a tangible aspect of genuine learning.

Now the release of EV3 will guarantee an even more powerful learning tool for the young (and the not so young) generation who are eager to actualize learning through the mind-on-hands-on experience.

Coming this August 2013, EV3 will surely be the most advanced LEGO robotics kit so far. A lot of new features will surely make the EV3 intelligent brick, flexible and powerful for beginners as well as for those experienced robotics fans.

Check out the YouTube video link from RO-BOTICA.com


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